Exclusively offering video counselling for adults, teens and children.

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Fully believing that everyone possesses and can locate his/her own source of healing, Johanna Simmons, of Simmons Counselling, helps clients discover their strengths and resources. She provides a wide range of approaches to therapy for clients from North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver and surrounding areas. Approaches are tailored to meet your unique needs and Johanna is bilingual, able to provide therapy in both English and French. She is committed to providing you with a counselling service that is empathetic, non judgemental, and confidential. 

Contact Johanna to book an appointment, or to participate in a group or workshop.


Johanna uses humanistic and holistic approaches to therapy with all of her clients: viewing each unique individual within a social and physical context.

Children & Families

Johanna creates a safe environment to allow children to express themselves through play what they can’t express in words.


This is a time of rapid development and social and emotional changes. Johanna provides support for adolescents and/or their families.


Johanna is a Certified Parenting Educator and can provide parents parenting skills through one-on-one counselling or through the parenting classes that she facilitates.

Synergetic Play Therapy

Although Synergetic  Play Therapy™ is a model of play therapy, it’s also a way of being in relationship with self and others.

Clinical Supervision and Synergetic Play Therapy Supervision

Johanna can provide either single session or ongoing clinical supervision to therapists and clinical counsellors working with children, teens, families or adults.

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