Supporting Children with Sudden and Traumatic Loss

Dallas Shirley

Sudden or traumatic loss can be one of the most difficult losses to cope with for many reasons. The way in which someone died may be hard to think of when the death was traumatic. We may feel conflicting feelings of anger, sadness, betrayal, fondness, relief, guilt, and love all at the same time.

If our loved one who died did not tell us they were ill or did not pursue the help or support they needed, we may feel frustration/anger/resentment towards them. If we had an estranged relationship, we may be sad grieving the loss and at the same time be angry that the relationship was not what it could have or should have been.

We may have a hard time connecting with others who may not understand the complicated feelings we are experiencing. We may feel as if we are alone.

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In the last year and a half…

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