For our children, reaching a milestone is like stepping up one more rung onto that ladder of being grown up.  For parents, when our kids reach these milestones they are bittersweet moments.  We are glad to see our children gaining all these new skills like learning to walk, talk, use the potty, etc.  These are all steps toward independence and we encourage them every step of the way.  On the other hand, we are saddened somewhat to see that our babies are growing up.

I reveled, clapped and cheered when my kids crawled, gave up their bottles, learned to read and such.  I was their greatest supporter and fan.  It was not too hard for me to admit that they were growing when they reached these milestones.  I was enjoying each new stage of development and just when I thought that they were at the best stage possible, they moved into another one.  Then this became the best stage possible!

The milestones that I most regretted them reaching were when they no longer said “lallow” for yellow or “num-mi-na” for food.  I still long to hear “oom-ba-wa” for bottle or that male cows are “bullies”.  New words were replaced daily: “prettyful” became beautiful,  “gorilla bars” were replaced by granola bars, “buckets” were no longer male goats (bucks)  and we no longer needed to remember to renew our “remembership” to the aquarium.

Ahhh, childhood.  I goes by so quickly.  As trying as some moments are (and there are many trying moments) our children do grow up overnight.  Those moments sail by so enjoy every day.  Each day is precious as we are making “rememories!”  Go hug your kid!  I just hugged mine.

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