It is a time to give thanks and we can all give thanks for so many different things.  For me, Thanksgiving is a time when the 4 of us all sit down together and it is the first such occasion since school started.

Holidays like this one are great but why do we have to wait for a holiday to have a nice family time together?  Start your own rituals so that you may enjoy these time together more often.

– Friday nights can become pizza and movie night.

– Once a month the kids prepare a meal for the family

– One night a week can be game night.

– Once a month the kids plan the menu for a meal that the parents cook up.

– Have a “favourite food” night where each person gets to request their favourite food for the meal.

– Switch things up a bit and have a “dessert first” night once in a while, where dessert is the first course of the dinner.

These are just a few ideas and I am sure that you will be able to come up with some creative ideas that are lots of fun for your family.  Share them here and let us know how they went.

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