Games to Play With Kids Now That You’re Isolating Due to COVID-19.

In a neighbourhood in Silver Spring, MD (wonderfully diverse in all ways), someone came up with an ingenious idea!  Neighbours were invited (via their list serve) to place teddy bears in their front windows so that families wanting to pry their housebound kids away from TV and video games could propose — not just “going for a walk,” (BOR-ing!) — but, instead, “going bear hunting.”  One neighbour even drew up a map of the neighbourhood with all the houses with bears marked on it, so families could search for them all.  Pooh Bears, pandas, teddies and koalas appeared in windows all over the ‘hood.  Young kids and parents were all energized and delighted, and all are getting good exercise!  They are also staying closely connected without any neighbour getting within six feet of any other neighbour!  (The same neighbourhood has organized a list of helpers, ready to run errands to help shut-in elders)
GAME PIGEON – text to one another
UNO and other games can be played with an account with ROBLEX
Math games:


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