Mealtime Fun!

Has your dinner time become predictable… routine… boring?  Once in a while it may be fun to change things up a bit and have a weekend dinner that is out of the ordinary.  Here are a few suggestions for some creative mealtime experiences that involve more than pizza.

1. Backward Night:  This is the night when you eat dessert first.  Maybe you also come to the table wearing your clothes backwards.

2. Power Outage Night:  After preparing dinner, go and flip the breaker so that the power goes out.  Light candles and pretend that there is a power failure.

3. Neanderthal Night:  This is a messy meal.  No one uses utensils!

The family can all be involved in planning and preparing this meal.  It can be a lot of fun deciding what Neanderthal people might have eaten and prepare this i.e. drumsticks, chicken wings etc.

4. Indoor Picnic:  Spread out a blanket on the floor of the living room or family room and have your indoor picnic.

Please feel free to share any of your creative ideas.  More to follow……

Bon appétit!

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